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def falcon::package::SourcePackage::is_complete (   self  ) 

Check if all binary packages are built

Definition at line 221 of file package.py.

00221                          :
        """Check if all binary packages are built"""
        binaries = [x.strip() for x in self.controlfields['Binary'].split(",")]
        for b in binaries:
                BinaryPackage.objects.get(packagename=b, sourcepackage=self, architecture='all')
            except BinaryPackage.DoesNotExist:
                archs = self.controlfields.get('Architecture',None).strip()
                if not archs:
                    return True # Fake source, can't say anything about it
                if archs == 'any':
                    archs = falcon.conf.architectures
                    archs = archs.split(' ,')
                for a in archs:
                        BinaryPackage.objects.get(packagename=b, sourcepackage=self, architecture=a)
                    except BinaryPackage.DoesNotExist:
                        return False
        return True

    def __repr__(self):

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