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falcon::plugin::FalconPlugin Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for falcon::plugin::FalconPlugin:

falcon::plugins::app_install::AppInstallDataPlugin falcon::plugins::debchecker::DebcheckerPlugin falcon::plugins::mail_maintainer::MailerPlugin falcon::plugins::ssh_agent::SshAgentPlugin

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Detailed Description

Base class for falcon plugins

Definition at line 78 of file plugin.py.

Public Member Functions

def configure
def post_action
def post_build
def post_export
def post_install
def post_morgue
def post_run
def post_scan
def post_sync
def pre_action
def pre_build
def pre_export
def pre_install
def pre_morgue
def pre_rsync
def pre_run
def pre_scan
def pre_sync

Static Public Attributes

tuple api = (0,0)
string desc = "Badly maintained plugin"
string name = "Plugin Interface - you need to change this in your plugin"

Static Private Attributes

 __metaclass__ = PluginBase

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